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Accepted image types: .jpg .gif .png
Upload Restrictions: 2MB max upload file size
Upload Help: Images uploaded to your blog or webpage content articles must be no bigger than 2 megabytes. The image you are currently trying to upload exceeds this limit. You must resize this image through an image editor such as photoshop or if you are on a windows system you can use Window Paint.

Alternatively there are online image resizers such as http://www.picresize.com/ or http://www.resize2mail.com/ which will do this for you.
Uploading Slider Images: If you are uploading images to your slider manager please remember your images must be exactly 940px(width) by 240px(height). Again you will most likely need to have these images created in an image editor such as photoshop to achieve these dimensions. If you need help composing slider images you can email our support staff. Please make sure to attach the images you wish to use. Please note a nominal fee will apply.
Image Exceeds Upload Limit!

Your image was not uploaded as it has exceeded the maximum filesize allowed for upload! Please see the notice opposite for instructions on how to fix.

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Step 1: Go to http:maps.google.com and type in your address, area & country in the search box.

Step 2: Click on the link icon as depicted in the image opposite

Step 3: Copy the link text and paste it into the map field provided and save.

map tip
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